Legacy All we want is for you to be happy, so             go to school             get a job             earn a living             be the best at everything.             Always look good,             never cry,             be successful,             earn lots of money.             Be bright,             be witty,             make us proud,            

No Poetry This Tuesday ;<)

I’ve been working on another website design for someone and simply got all off schedule. Finished Sunday’s RTW post on Sunday and realized just now it is Tuesday and I’ve not selected a poem yet. This is my life. Sometimes I’m ahead of the game and sometimes I’m not.

Finding Light

Finding Light Recurring thoughts and dreams revolve around a common theme             about a light within             a throbbing goodness             ready to burst forth.   Optimism wins each battle despite a cynic’s cooling heart             as white knights             on silver steeds             wage war within.   Reflections of a childhood filled with Brothers