Beagle Puppies
Okay, these are not the puppies that Gertrude mothered but beagle puppies are so cute I had to share!


Mother Nature's
warped imagination
left aches and loneliness
within her breast.

No babes
to mother into life.
Soulful eyes drooped to
in her nest.

Poor Gertrude,
born to birth
but forever barren,
unlike all the rest.

Fate countered
by a miracle of
beagle birth
swelling her breast.

Mother Hen to the rescue
filled with coos, contentment
and overflowing love, eternal.

Happy Gertrude
has puppychicks now.
As if borne
from her breast
like all the rest.

-Marilyn Paluszak

Republished by Marilyn Paluszak from a poem originally written in 1988 and edited in 2011 (thanks to Ted Kooser’s hints in The Poetry Home Repair Manual.

Inspiration came from a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! item published in the (Albany, NY) Sunday Times Union, December 4, 1988.

“Gertrude,” owned by Ken Hatch of Alpena, Michigan, had never laid a single egg, but when seven beagle puppies were abandoned by their mother, she adopted them and at long last became a Mother Hen.

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