Tuesdays are My Poems day.

I tend to get slapdash lazy at times so I have decided to set goals. Until my creative well runs dry, I will post a new poem every Tuesday. I am not a prolific poet so there will not be a lot of poems. No one will need to dedicate their lifetime to read them all should you know me well enough to feel obliged. I have no delusions about becoming a Poet Laureate. Someday I would like to publish or link friends’ poems and writings but I’m not looking to become a rival for the Poetry Foundation website.

Sundays are Travel/RTW days.

Travel is a very broad term in our household. Husband Rob and I have been to every state except Hawaii; and to every continent except Antarctica. We have not come close to traveling to every country in the world although we share a love of travel with our friends in the local Worldwide Foreign Travel Club. That site, by the way, is one we developed and maintain.

RTW = Round the World

The menu sub-category labeled RTW is where you will find links to our Round the World travel experience. It took us 400-Days & 155-Beds to see the world, our way. The year 2020 marks the 15th anniversary of the trip that took so long it became a journey, so every Sunday I will post photos and descriptions that will follow our path.

To paraphrase Tolkien, all who wander are not lost. I still love taking in the sights and sounds — even the smells of some places. Hopefully, I can pass along memories in such a way that you can share our journeys. This will not be a stuffy travel guide with hotel and restaurant listings you can find online. My only hope is that someone finds inspiration from my words, from our travels. Go forth and discover the world beyond your normal boundaries.

Mixing wandering and pondering is why I am AMusing Marilyn. This site will be devoted to my writings: a little bit of poetry mixed with a dollop of fiction and heavily dosed with details from our travel journals.”

So sayeth I, AMusing Marilyn

For me, life is all about the fact that drinking in a place is far superior to drinking in a place.