All we want is for you to be happy, so
            go to school
            get a job
            earn a living
            be the best at everything.
            Always look good,
            never cry,
            be successful,
            earn lots of money.
            Be bright,
            be witty,
            make us proud,
            do as we say.
Just be happy, that’s all we want for you, so
            don’t be moody,
            don’t be angry,
            don’t be selfish,
            don’t fail.
            Don’t ever make waves,
            don’t be sad,
            don’t feel that way,
            do as we say.
After all, we want you to be happy.

By Marilyn Paluszak

For every parent of a teenager … this is what your child is hearing from you. As if the pressure to measure up to your Great Expectations are not sufficient. Your child’s happiness should not be measured by your qualifiers.


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