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For Claude

Allusive words where are you
when the poem begins to fade
and begs for something special
to complete its mood.
I call upon the Rhyme-Gods
in hopes they will convey
a way of resurrecting
an ending for Monet.

-- Marilyn Paluszak

Japanese Footbridge and Waterlilies
Charring Cross Bridge, London

Oscar-Claude Monet (1840-1926) was one of the founders of the Impressionist school of painting. People often confuse Monet with Manet until they study their art.

Monet worked largely outside (en plein air) unlike Edouard Manet who worked in a studio. For an interesting read on both of these artists, check out this illuminating article from Artst.

Monet started out drawing charcoal sketches that he sold for a few francs. It was Eugène Boudin who taught him how to use oil paints.  Boudin also taught Monet the technique of en plein air painting.  

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