Finding Light

Recurring thoughts and dreams
revolve around a common theme
            about a light within
            a throbbing goodness
            ready to burst forth.
Optimism wins each battle
despite a cynic’s cooling heart
            as white knights
            on silver steeds
            wage war within.
Reflections of a childhood
filled with Brothers Grimm
            where evil lurks
            but cannot conquer
            as goodness triumphs.
Tutored by a loving mother
who believed in simple things
            like golden rules
            random acts of kindness
            and good deeds.
Not surprising to find the seed
For all the light and hope within
            that erupts as words
            on a blank screen
            not so random as they seem.

By Marilyn Paluszak

Reprinted from a poem written in 2012 by Marilyn Paluszak

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