They go to see the Changing of the Guard
and then, like ants, descend into the Tube
in a mad scurry to Speaker’s Corner
where they swarm in droves
around ice cream vendors.
And the world walks by unseen.
Not for the People Watcher.  No. 
For her, the best part of all
is strolling down Bayswater
on a Sunday afternoon
in the Fall . . .
     Children’s laughter mingles with the crunch
     of autumn’s leaves inside the Park.
     Artists hawk blurry velvet nudes
     aligned like the beheaded along the fence;
     while punkers, three abreast, strut uniform weirdness,
     shoving innocents aside.
Not for the Rambler.  No. 
For her, the best part
is turning toward the Serpentine
on a Sunday afternoon
in the Fall . . .
     Little boys in short gray pants sail paper boats
     while nannies scold and coax.
     Riders post in precision atop huge bay mares
     and saunter down historic Rotten Row;
     while women wrapped in hand-painted silk
     giggle behind veils of secrecy.
They all bring cameras
to record that they were there.
They run from place to place
to stand in front of monuments and pose —
from Sloane to Trafalgar Square.
And all the while, the world walks by unseen.
Not for the Traveler.  No.
For her, the best part is in the knowing
that she’ll be back for another stroll
some other Sunday afternoon.

Reprinted by Marilyn Paluszak from a poem originally written in 1999.

My favorite city, London is filled with history and is visited by people from every country in the world. When you go there, be sure to leave time to stroll along the banks of the Thames some evening.

Tower Bridge, London
Tower Bridge marks the location of the Tower of London, where many famous people were jailed through the ages. It is also where the royal jewels are kept.
Queen's Guard practicing maneuvers on Rotten Row, Hyde Park
Strolling alongside Hyde Park’s Rotten Row, we happened upon the Queen’s Guard practicing maneuvers for her birthday in 2002.
Buckingham Palace, London
Buckingham Palace is no longer the primary residence of the Queen but when she is there, the British flag flies overhead.
The Tower of Big Ben is a must see.
Big Ben is a big draw, especially upon the hours of noon and midnight. It might be prudent during high tourist seasons to choose a somewhat less auspicious hour to hear the bells toll.

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